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A Minecraft SMP based in New Zealand

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How to connect to the server

1: In multiplayer, click 'Direct Connect'.


2: Paste the copied IP into the text box.

Enter IP

3: Click 'Join Server' and have fun!

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If you encounter problems connecting to the server, please contact us as soon as possible.

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We offer a well-rounded and laid-back player experience.

Many conventional small Minecraft servers consist of abusive staff members, a harsh player experience, a toxic community, pay-to-win donator perks, and simply not worth dedicating your time on. Our goal with Appl3 PvP is to provide the best player experience and make sure everyone has a great time.


Extremely robust and convenient custom claiming system.

We have a custom-made land protection and management system, created with intuition and convenience in mind which keeps griefers from looting. Use our in-game currency to establish a claim. Also, you can name your claims and even give access to your friends, so you can work together to survive and thrive.


Buy and sell with confidence using the server player market.

While many survival servers offer pre-built item shops, we wanted to make it more tailored to the players through the Player Market. Money comes in the form of virtual credits which is obtained from killing mobs. A completely player-operated market opens many opportunities for everyone looking to buy and sell items.


Communicate on-the-go with Discord messaging integration.

We are one of the first New Zealand Minecraft servers to incorporate live Minecraft to Discord messaging, and it works like magic. You can start a conversation from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet while you are away from home. As a result, this encourages social interaction which is essential for a small community.


We will always be a free-to-play Minecraft server.

While Appl3 PvP will always remain a free-to-play server, we have some extra-special bonuses for those that donate through Tebex. These include setting an unlimited amount of home locations, the ability to join the server when it is full, great cosmetics and a donator rank on our discord server. We ensured the donator rank is EULA compliant.