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PRE-APPL3 PVP (2012 - 2013)

We started out around May 2012 as a hamachi server for some friends. In March 2013, I (0n3Appl3) began to open a server on my personal computer and made it public as I wanted to expand. Unfortunately, it wasn't running 24/7. I named the server CocoaCraft, and it was a factions PVP and survival server. The server only had 3-4 players a day. We had a refresh in June 2013 and paid for hosting at MCProHosting so we can allow players from other time zones to play on the server. We bought a Stone plan which had 1GB of RAM and allows up to 24 players. In November 2013, I decided to shut down CocoaCraft due to the lack of players and donations to keep the server alive.


We re-opened the server in August 2015 with a new name. The server came to be, Appl3 PVP. It was a factions server with 2GB of RAM and allows up to 20 players. The launch day was a success and gained 10+ players. We had 4-7 players a day. Later on, we decided to host the server on a dedicated computer as it will be easier to access the server files. In January 2016, we had a refresh and became a survival PVP server. The player base was still going strong, getting 8-10 players a day. A few weeks later, we were getting 10+ players a day. We had 1000+ players that joined for the first time. In March 2016, we upgraded our server computer with the latest and greatest 6th-Generation Intel CPU and 16GB of RAM. In the end, it's not all rainbows and unicorns. In October 2016, the server was losing its players, and we lost the spot in top voted servers in New Zealand. Then, I decided to do another refresh and re-advertise to get new players. A new chapter of Appl3 PVP begins...

Welcome to the world of Appl3 PVP. A New Zealand owned Minecraft server with a community yet to create. We are not just "another survival PVP server." We have custom plugins to tailor your needs like bonus cycles, custom enchantments, custom shops, an intuitive claiming system, guns, and much more to come! Our goal with this server is to make survival servers popular again and prove that real Minecraft is playing survival with your friends and staff members. Play survival with us at appl3pvp.com and start creating that dream base you've been holding off! Have fun!

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Here are some key features on the server.

Custom Claiming System  New

We have a freshly designed block protection system. We created it with intuition and convenience in mind, and we can guarantee you will find your way around it soon. Simply use iron and gold nuggets to establish a claim. Also, you can name your claims and even give access to your friends, so you can work together to survive and thrive!


Physical Currency  New

While many servers simply leave money as a string of text on your chat box, we wanted to make it mean more than that. Money comes in the form of gold and iron nuggets, physical items. This will add an extra layer of challenge for you, as you need to protect your wealth from any others that may want to get rich. Also, with our physical currency, you can show off your wealth to all your friends…so long as you keep an eye on them! This will certainly change the way survive in the game.


Custom Enchantments

Bored of getting Bane of Arthropods on your Diamond swords? On our server, we have a unique system featuring custom enchantments. Some of the enchantments are rare, but they will certainly give you an edge in your play. One such enchantment is the Necromancer enchantment. Feeling overwhelmed in PVP? Necromancer spawns mobs around you, which attack anyone who dares to lay a finger on you.


Amazing Donor Perks  New

While Appl3 PVP will always remain a free-to-play server, we have some extra-special bonuses for supporters that you will not regret paying. These include setting an unlimited amount of home locations, the ability to join the server when it is full, some great cosmetics to show off your swag, great bonuses when you kill mobs, the removal of the teleportation cool down and a donor rank on our discord server. All of our ranks are both EULA friendly and worth it.


Survival Events

To add a bit of variety and excitement, we have random custom events in our survival world that cycle every so often. During these times, all players on the server will get a bonus, such as mobs dropping special items and ores, ores auto-smelting and even tripling when mined, and other cool things. If you’re active on the server, you will be rewarded with these regular custom events, and you will certainly find it easier to expand and thrive.


Discord Server

Want to chat with your fellow players? We have a discord server for all our players. Feel free to pop in for a chat, share around a meme or two for others to have a laugh at, discuss the server and your opinions on it, and join our growing community. We hope to build up our server into an active community of players who know each other well. At Appl3PvP, we’re all friends!




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